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Advanced Custom Field for Shopify
This app brings CMS-like features – that users know and love from Content Management Systems like Drupal, Wordpress, CraftCMS – to product, collection and content pages.
Design MetaFields without constraints
Drap & Drop Builder
Design complex layouts while providing an excellent authoring experience for your store admins
Simple & Intuitive
The different field types enable you to give your authors a huge amount of flexibility without compromising your control over how things are output.
Flexible Layout support Group Fields, Body & Sidebar (Widget)
The Repeater Field: The repeater field allows you to create a set of sub fields which can be repeated again, and again, and again.
18 Custom Fields Types
Custom Fields Has Every Type of Field You Need
Basic Text Field
Store simple (unstyled) paragraphs of text to use in your theme.
WYSIWYG editor text field editing content as it allows for both text and multimedia
Drop-down list to select one or more choices from.
The Checkbox field creates a list of check-able inputs.
Lets you add a slider that selects from a range of values.
provides an interactive way to select date using popup modal.
provides an interactive way to select time using popup modal.
provides an interactive way to select a hex color string using Color picker popup modal.
The Image/File field allows an image/file to be uploaded and selected by using ACF media modal.
It is possible to define your own data structure using JSON